New Love quotes for him

Monday, 10 June 2013  at 19:53
No reasons to worry anymore, no more days of tears or sadness. There is only love and joy here now because I have met the love of my life.
~ Bison Wells

New Love quotes for him
New Love quotes for him
You have changed the way I see the world with your love. You have made me a person of happiness and love. You make me feel loved and there is no way I can deny it.
~ Madison Mil right

All these years when I was alone, where were you? After meeting you I realize that
I have been missing out on the best feeling in the world. The feeling of being in love.
~ Zurich Betroths

You were always there when I needed you the most. Me and you, we will together create a world which can never go out of love. This will be my gift to you.
~ Salmon Mess

Love needs something new from time to time. It needs a fire to light it up or at least I thought so. But I have never had to create it because with you, love just pours out like a never ending river.
~ Nelda Questioner

I have tested the seas and seen that there is no one as good as you are. I have never felt this loved before and you are the reason why my feelings keep elevating every time.
~ Tyler wisdom

There is nothing that I will not do for you. Nothing that I have to hide from you and nothing to take away. With you I can just be myself.
~ Bean Stalker

In the shadows of the terrifying I have found love in more things than one. Your love is all that I was hungry for and I have been satisfied beyond measure.
~ Nathan Pilfer

You may be far away from me due to the distance but you will always be near my heart. I have loved you deeply right from the start.
~ Mills Roadworthy

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