Quotes for Easter Sunday

Saturday, 30 March 2013  at 08:46
Here are some quotes for Easter Sunday 2013.

Easter is the triumphant victory of the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. No man has ever had power over death before like Jesus. Blessed be the risen king forever. Happy Easter!
Quotes for Easter Sunday

Quotations for Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday Quotes
Don't mistake Easter for all the material things like the bunny, eggs, chocolates and gifts. Easter is about the the love of God for mankind which he victoriously proved on Easter Sunday. Have a blessed day!
~ Rosy Christian

Happy Easter to you and your family. May the blessings of the risen Lord be showered upon you and may you find his grace and peace in everything you do.
~ Juana Luis

He laid down his life for you and me but the story does not end there. He defeated Satan and the power of death and is seated at the right hand of the father alive forever more. Follow the Lord always and be blessed.
~ Benny Rose

Is there anything impossible for our God? He fed the 5000, turned water into wine and he also died for us and has risen to life again. Happy Easter and never doubt the power of almighty God because for him nothing is impossible.
~ Manor Jack

Its amazing how everything in the scripture written about Jesus came true from thousands of years before. Now thousands of years later we are blessed to be in his presence and know that he loves us so very much.
~ Ross Stimson

Our God is an awesome God and he reigns above all. His love and mercies are beyond compare and his goodness has no alternative. He has risen and Hallelujah he is God forever more.
~ Gregory Jose

Easter represents the winning of life over death. Good over evil and love over hate. The Lord has freed the people who believe in him from the clutches of death. Let us be glad and happy this Easter.
~ Evelyn Fine

He completed his mission on earth by dying and then rising from the dead. He is the greatest man who has walked on the face of the earth and blessed are those who believe in him and his Resurrection on Easter.
~ Sweeney Karl

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